L&Q Specify Zerio Plus for Fire Safety Upgrade

London and Quadrant Housing association manages a portfolio of 67,000 properties.  as part of their commitment to improve fire safety for their tenants

They have been looking at several solutions and finally decided to specify the Zerio Plus System from Electro Detectors.

“L&Q looked at various systems before deciding on the wireless route for our fire alarm upgrades. We selected wireless as it would minimise disruption to our residents and properties.

We then looked at the options on the market, spoke with various manufacturers and saw equipment demonstrations. The Zerio Plus system met with all of our requirements for functionality and represented value for money. We were impressed with the working of the system, the look of the system, the interface for programming, use of USB keyboard and standard memory sticks for system back up. We already have some Zerio Plus systems installed in properties and these have proved to be very reliable.

Before going ahead we also spoke to contractors who maintain our existing systems about their experiences with wireless systems and received positive feed back on the Electro Detectors systems. Taking all of these factors into account we decided to make the Zerio Plus system our preferred option for our upgrade programme.”


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