Sunseeker Poole

Sunseeker Poole      EDA-Zerio Plus System installed by Churches Fire

From humble beginnings, Sunseeker have evolved from being a brand, to a global icon. Producing the finest motor yachts the world has ever seen, every Sunseeker is the result of an uncompromising and unmatched approach to design, craftsmanship and performance. Manufactured in Poole on the south coast of England, Sunseeker employ over 2,200 people

The production is spread across several boat sheds, with different processes being carried out in each one. Churches Fire were appointed to install a fire detection system to not only offer protection to the new boats as they  are being assembled but also to provide a networked link back to the main security gatehouse. In the event of a device being activated in any of the production areas, an alarm will be raised in that area and the gatehouse will be alerted.

Because of the distance between the units and the need for a quick unobtrusive installation, Churches Fire opted to use a wireless system. The Zerio Plus system was the ideal choice, being easy to setup and commission the system provides cover to several remote buildings, one of which is 178m from the main security gatehouse.

Because they have experienced fires in the past and with Boats valued in the Millions it was essential that a reliable detection and alarm system was installed.

Churches Fire are a long term partner and offer installation, commissioning and servicing of the Electro Detectors range of products. Churches can be contacted on 0870 608 4350 or

The project was completed on budget and within the clients timeframe. The Zerio Plus systems is capable of looking after 240 devices and is available as an 8, 20 or 100 Zone panel. The system is engineer friendly and does not require any special software leads or hardware to complete the installation.


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